What to Expect When Your Are Accepting

whattoexpectNo one likes credit card fees and no one likes dealing with credit card processors.  However, in today’s world, accepting credit cards is simply a must (see articles, “Show me the Money,” and “Why you should love paying credit card fees”).  Since it is a necessary evil, it is extremely important that you understand the basics of credit card fees, contracts and red flags.  This article will focus on what you look out for when setting up an account with a new processor and best practices to follow to keep your current processor honest. Continue reading “What to Expect When Your Are Accepting”

Show Me The Money

showmethemoneyI hear all the time from home inspectors who are convinced that it is best to just accept payment once the home inspection is completed and never before.  The primary reasons they give me are, either,  “If there are changes to the home inspection at the time of inspection, then I don’t have to go back and adjust the transaction (i.e. give a partial refund or run the card for additional money)” or “If the home inspection gets cancelled, I don’t have to go back and give the customer a refund.”  These are both completely valid points.  However, receiving payment before the inspection is a “best practice”… Continue reading “Show Me The Money”