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With the downturn in the economy, charitable giving by business has seen the largest decline in over 50 years. Guardian Financials’ Guardian Giving Program gives businesses a way to donate to your non profit, on a consistent basis, without any cost to the business. Guardian Financial provides award winning service with guaranteed industry low rates and then we donate a portion of our proceeds back to your Non-Profit.

It is well known that almost all businesses accept credit cards. What is not well known is the fact that these businesses pay a small percentage of each sale to the company that processes their credit cards. As a Credit Card Processing entity, Guardian Financial offers charities and non-profits the ability to keep a portion of that percentage. With our Guardian Giving Program, when you refer a business to us, you will get a check, in the form of a donation, every single month for as long as that company continues to use our services.

Imagine a fundraiser that gives you the ability to raise money from local and national businesses without having to ask them for a dime. Even better, imagine how simple it will be to get businesses, who already support and believe in your organization, to participate. Especially when you tell them they are guaranteed to save money every month while at the same time raising money for your non-profit. Guardian Financial guarantees that we will save them money or we will donate $500 to your non-profit organization or charity.

Every business that accepts credit cards already pays credit card processing fees to their current processor. Guardian guarantees to lower the amount that they are currently paying and pay your organization 30% of our income that is generated from that business. Say goodbye to cookie dough sales, bake sales, coupon sales, and constantly having to ask the same donors for more money. Refer a business to us once and make income from them forever. No maintenance, no staff, no overhead. This could be the last fundraiser you will ever do.


  1. REGISTER your Non-Profit in the Guardian Giving program. It is FREE to join and participate in this program.
  2. Use the tools provided by Guardian (email template, brochures etc…) to encourage board members, volunteers, past donors and businesses to spread the word about your participation with our Guardian Giving program.
  3. Encourage business owners to contact Guardian for information on how to participate. You DO NOT need to:
    • Quote prices to the business
    • Answer detailed questions about credit card processing or Guardian’s products and services
    • Sell or Pitch the business on switching to our Merchant Services.

Register Today! We do all the work and take all the hassle out of raising funds for your organization. Click on the Register button now.

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