On the heels of our successful Groovv launch, Guardian is now focusing on cutting-edge terminal technology. Beginning October 20, we will offer Ingenico terminals as part of our free terminal placement program.


This transition to Ingenico, a leader in the payment terminal industry, means that our customers will be able to accept contactless payments using the same NFC technology offered by Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Softcard. PLUS, the Ingenico terminals are EMV capable – delivering the latest in fraud prevention technology.

With these Ingenico products, we believe our customers will be ahead of the curve – translating into increased opportunities to grow their business.

As you may already know, EMV is the global standard for credit and debit cards. It uses an embedded microprocessor instead of the traditional magnetic stripe to help reduce instances of fraud. NFC technology is the system for the contactless payment available on Apple phones and watches, Google Wallet and Softcard.

In addition to the EMV and NFC capabilities, the Ingenico terminals offer an intuitive display for simple navigation, support for dial and high-speed IP communication and strong security to protect against physical device attacks.

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