Guardian Giving

With Guardian Giving, you receive a PERPETUAL DONATION EVERY MONTH. Refer merchants to Guardian Financial and your non-profit organization or charity will receive a percentage of that business’ sales every single month, for as long as they process their credit cards through us. We guarantee the business you refer to us will save money on their monthly credit card processing fees or we will donate $500.00 to your organization.

4 Reasons to Participate

Raise a significant amount of perpetual monthly donations without having to ask for money.
In a time when many businesses are cutting back on the amount they donate, this fundraiser allows them to contribute to your organization every month without costing them a dime. In fact, we guarantee to save them money or we will donate $500.00 in their name to your organization.
This may be the last fundraiser you ever do! Unlike any other fundraiser, this will generate monthly donations you can count on for years and even decades to come. As long as the business processes their credit cards through us, every time one of their customers makes a purchase using a credit card your organization gets a percentage of that sale. No sales, no maintenance, no staff, no overhead.
You don’t have to sell anything. You simply tell the business owner if he participates in our Guardian Giving Program we will save him money and donate a percentage of the profit back to your organization. Put the merchant in contact with us, and we do the rest. What could be easier?

Income Potential

Calculating the donations you can anticipate when participating in our Guardian Giving program is actually quite simple. Let’s assume you refer a business to Guardian that is being charged industry average rates and fees of 2.5%.

Assume the business does $50,000* in monthly processing volume with an average of 2.5% in fees = $1,250 in total credit card processing fees.


  • 2.0% is for Interchange (Visa/MC/AMEX/Disc & Bank Fees) = $1,000
  • 0.05% is for Guardian Revenue = $250

Guardian Donates to You:

  • 30% of Guardians’ Total Revenue (0.5%) = $75.00**
  • Using this example, if you refer 10 merchants to Guardian you would receive $750.00 in perpetual monthly income.

In reality we anticipate that the average Non-Profit or charity will refer 25 business to the Guardian Giving Program, in which case you would receive $1875.00 a month.

* The SBA estimates that the average retail business in the United States actually processes $160,000 a month in credit card sales.
** Actual numbers will vary based on type, structure, pricing and volume of credit card transactions of individual accounts.