CreateThumbNail (1)Deep down, I consider myself an Idaho farm boy and I love being an Idahoan. I owe my dedication to family and hard work to my years on the family farm here in Idaho. My beautiful wife Amber and our 5 children love everything about our life here, and don’t ever plan on leaving. Our small business career started with the purchase of 2 TCBY Franchises in Utah in 1996 and then led to opening 2 Jamba Juice Franchises in Idaho in 1998. In 2003, it was on to opening a marketing company and multiple telemarketing call centers in Boise and Eastern Idaho and shortly after that, Starting Guardian Financial with our friends and partners, Aaron and Caroll Fuhriman. We have made so many wonderful connections with so many good people through this business and look forward to a long lasting relationship with you and yours.

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