Participating Merchant FAQ

Q. Does my business get credit for the donations to the Not for Profit organization.
A.  All donations are made in honor of your business.
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Q. Do you work with all types of businesses?
A.  Yes! we work with all types of businesses.
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Q. Can a business be too small or too large to participate in the Guardian Giving program?
A.  No business is too small or too large. We have programs designed to work with all business types and sizes.
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Q. Will my rates or fees increase?
A.  No, In fact in almost every case it will mean that your fees will decrease. In some rare occasions the best that we can do is to match your current rates and fees, but remember that even in these instances you are now providing a much needed support to an organization that YOU have decided to support. We do not decide what organization you want to support. You have complete control over that decision.
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Q. Do I have to switch my merchant services account/provider?
A.  Yes, Guardian Giving is partnered with multiple merchant services providers so that we can offer the lowest rates and have access to the best programs in the industry to provide your business with the greatest opportunity to save money while at the same time providing needed income to the Not for Profit of your choice.
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Q. Will I have to purchase new equipment to participate in this program?
A. No, in almost every circumstance the merchant services provided through the Guardian Giving program are compatible with the majority of terminals and POS systems in use today. In the very rare situation that we cannot support your current system or the manufacture is unwilling to integrate with our system then you will be provided with a new terminal or POS system through the merchant services at little or in most cases no cost.
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Q. How do I get started in the Guardian Giving program?
A. Sign up today! and start using the merchant services provided through Guardian Giving.

Send us a copy of your most recent credit card processing statements by faxing to 1-866-614-0364 or emailing and we will complete a proposal showing the savings that your business we receive and an estimate of what your business would donate to the Not for Profit of your choice. Feel free to black out any sensitive information. (i.e. bank account numbers.) One of our representatives will contact you within one business day to discuss your account and provide you with the proposal and donation estimates and to answer any questions that you might have.

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Q. What products or services are offered through Guardian Giving to merchants?
A. Guardian Giving is associated with multiple merchant services providers who offer credit/debit, check processing, gift and loyalty, and merchant cash advance programs. All of these programs qualify for generating income to the Not for Profit of your choice. Each of these services are supported by 24/7 world class customer and technical support.
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Q. Can I promote this program and refer other businesses to donate to the Guardian Giving program?
A. Yes! You will receive a certificate that you can proudly display indicating that you are supporting your specific Not for Profit cause. We are also glad to provide you with any supporting marketing material that you request to send to your friends and family who might also own a business and like to support the same Not for Profit you are supporting.
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Q. How much can my business expect to donate through the Guardian Giving program?
A. We will donate a minimum of 30% of the revenue generated from your business account using our merchant services to the Not for Profit of your choice.

Most individuals will generally donate around $1800 to an organization that they support over a 5 year period of time. An average size business participating in the Freedom Fundraising Program will contribute somewhere around $4800 over the same 5 years, without ever spending anything they are not already spending and in fact you will actually save money.

*Please note that the actual results vary for each business.

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Q. Why should my business participate in the Guardian Giving program?
A. The question really should be why I would not participate in this program. Guardian Giving provides your business with an opportunity to make a real difference in the world. All without spending a dime more than you already are, and in fact will actually save you money. Guaranteed! You will be able to support your favorite Not for Profit. Something that you are probably already doing, but right now you are writing a check above and beyond your operating expenses and we will give you the opportunity to cut those operating cost and still support the organization with even more income then you were before.
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Q. How much is this really going to cost me?
A. We know that it is becoming ever more difficult to contribute any kind of financial assistance to the organizations that you really want to support and that is why the Guardian Giving program not only does not cost you anything above what you are already spending on your credit card processing, it actually saves you money by lowering your current credit card processing fees. Our program provides the Not for Profit organization with an ongoing income allowing them to focus on the good that their organization does and it allows your business the freedom to contribute money to an organization of your choice even when you don’t feel like there is any money to give. That is the beauty of this program. Everyone wins.
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