Participating Merchant Information

When you switch your Credit Card Processing over to Guardian Financial, we not only guarantee to lower your monthly processing fees, we also take 30% of the profit generated from your account and donate it to the non-profit or charitable organization of your choice. Do you currently have a child in school, or on a sports team? Maybe you support a local theatre group or homeless shelter? Switch to Guardian and your preferred non profit gets a perpetual monthly donation and you save money.

It couldn’t be simpler… 3 Simple Steps to Success

  1. The first step is to allow us to give you a proposal on your credit card processing services. We will need a copy of your most recent credit card processing statement. You can either fax it, email it, or simply contact us for more information.
    • FAX: click to fax your statements
    • EMAIL: ¬†click to email your statements
    • CALL: ¬†click to contact us for info
  2. Within 1-2 business days you will receive a detailed proposal that will compare the rates you currently pay to the rates you would be paying if you switched to Guardian. It will also show your anticipated monthly and annual savings.
  3. Once you have approved our proposal, you will need to fill out a simple application document, and within 2-3 business days you will have an account with established with Guardian. As long as you continue to process with us, your preferred non-profit will receive 30% of the profit generated from your processing account. You save money and your preferred non-profit receives a perpetual monthly donation in your name. What could be simpler?

Charities and non-profits need your help now, more than ever.
Guardian Giving allows you give at a time when it’s difficult to give anymore.

We understand that in today’s economy it can be difficult as a business owner to continue financially supporting non-profits and charities. However, for that same reason, non-profits and charities need your support now, more than ever. Many business owners are looking for ways to help these organizations without having to dig deeper into their already slim margins. Guardian Giving allows you to financially support your preferred non-profit , in a significant way, without costing you a dime. In fact, if we don’t save you money, we will donate $500.00 to your preferred non-profit.